On-air Hosts
M A L I B U Barbie (Rhonda)

  • Position: The Boss
  • In-game name: M A L I B U Barbie
  • Twitter: @Barbie1337
  • Location: Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Bio: Teacher by Day and Radio Host by night! I keep myself very busy. While not doing both, I enjoy playing the piano and spoiling my 2 nieces. I grew up in a small town of 400 people…so I love to travel!
  • Favorite Music: 90s Alternative Rock and Dance Music
  • Favorite MMO style: Healing & Caster classes
  • Personal Quote: “We don’t speak about Ken. He is like ‘Fight Club’.”
Rachel Valentine

  • Position: DJ Manager
  • In-game name: Rachel Valentine
  • Twitter: @rae_valentine1
  • Location: Minnesota
  • Bio: I am a full time student going for my Bachelors in Social Work and also my license for Chemical Dependency.
  • Favorite Music: All different kinds
  • Favorite MMO style: Casters but I am starting to really like Melee
  • Personal Quote: “It is what it is.”
Lady Edana

  • Position:GW1 Coordinator/On Air Personality
  • In-game name: Lady Edana
  • Twitter @Lady_Edana
  • Location:Texas, USA
  • Bio: Bio:  I’m a Phi Theta Kappa & Tau Sigma Delta that holds a BAS in Architecture from Texas Tech University and became an avid gamer as a stress reliever in college. I was born in Colorado, remain a loyal Denver Bronco fan despite living in central Texas, love animals, long walks in the woods, camping, needlework, gourmet cooking and watching old movies, and especially spending time with the people I love best – and that includes my listening audience.
  • Favourite Music: On Friday evenings you’ll hear mostly dance, rock and contemporary music on the Friday Night Lights Road Show.  My Saturday evening show you will hear an eclectic mix of favorites of all genres past and present, including world music, on the Box O’Chocolates Show.  (It’s called that because you never know what you’re going to get(hear).  I recently added a new show: Dromedary Wednesday – where we’ll get you over the hump and straight on into the weekend!  If you request a song and I don’t have it, I’ll do my best to get it on the air for you.
  • Favourite Gaming Style: I like single player logic/exploration games and MMO games that allow me to play multiple professions.  My favorite profession is a Ranger that is able to go melee!   You can find me on Steam as Ladyech0.
  • Personal Quote: “Trust in God, all others must pay cash!”
Skill Worrior (Martin)

  • Position: On-air Host
  • In-game name: Dj Skill Worrior
  • Twitter: @Skill_Worrior
  • Location: Sweden
  • Bio: Student. Studies science. GW-EN DJ.
  • Favorite Music: Everything except Metal
  • Favorite MMO style: Melee & Meatshield
  • Personal Quote: “No requests are to Silly for Skilly”

  • Position: On-air Host
  • In-game name: Tylos Angelheart
  • Location:Nottinghamshire, England
  • Favorite Music: Rock, Metal, Industrial
  • Favorite MMO style: Ranger
  • Personal Quote: “Everything’s better in metal.”
Mikesi (Michael)

  • Position: On-air Host
  • In-game name: Siena Delong
  • Twitter: @DJMikeSi
  • Location: Australia
  • Bio: I began my radio life in high school by volunteering with a friend at a local community radio station. This involved both behind the scenes and on-air work. I applied for an on-air host position with GW-EN in 2010 after participating in the Pink Day In LA event. I began my first show in mid November of the same year.
  • Favorite Music: 80’s, Rock, OZ music, Progressive Rock
  • Favorite MMO style: Healer (Monks forever)
  • Personal Quote: “If at first you don’t succeed. Call it version 1.0”
PTM (Minh)

  • Position: On-air Host
  • In-game name: Monk From North / Elements From North
  • Location:
  • Bio: I am a calm, careful, and a quiet nice person. Respect and love comes above anything else, that’s how I would describe myself =)
  • Favorite Music: Asian, Trance, & Dance
  • Favorite MMO style: Prefer casters, but melee is fun too
  • Personal Quote: “No Work, no money, no games.”
DJ Julia

  • Position: On Air DJ
  • In-game name: DJ Julia
  • Twitter: @guildwarsgal
  • Bio: I am a writer and artist who is always listening to music. I enjoy journaling, needlework, watching British TV and I adore my poodle, Mitzi!
  • Favorite Music: Jazz and Standards
  • Favorite Game and Profession: Guild Wars 1 and a Beast Mastery Ranger
  • Personal Quote: “Not all of us can do great things but we can do small things with great love.”
Darth Chain (Lucas)

  • Position: On-air Host (Fill in)
  • In-game name: Darth Chain
  • Twitter: @DarthChain
  • Location: Colorado
  • Bio: Been a gamer since birth and been into Guild Wars for four years. Bring on the fun!
  • Favorite Music: Techno & alternative rock
  • Favorite MMO style: Minion Master or hexer
  • Personal Quote: “I bought a hip flask the other day. Not to put alchohol in, I filled it with tic-tacs.”
Fill-in Hosts

  • Position: On-air Host
  • In-game name: Serine Tempest
  • Twitter: @jenfan9
  • Location: Kansas, USA
  • Bio: I am a mother of 3 who loves my MMO games and my music.
  • Favorite Music: All types! What ever makes me happy.
  • Favorite MMO style: DPS Mage/Ele
  • Personal Quote: “Live for today for tomorrow is already here!”
Creature Chaos

  • Position: On-air Host
  • In-game name: Creature Chaos
  • Twitter: @Chaotic_Waffles
  • Location:Arizona, USA
  • Bio: I’m one of the most insane people you may never meet, and I am also a freelance author. Currently writing a novel in my free-time, on top of playing video-games and whatnot.
  • Favorite Music: Almost everything. I abhor rap and country.
  • Favorite MMO style: Anything from afar, really.
  • Personal Quote: “I don’t suffer from insanity. I enjoy every minute of it.”

  • Position: On-air Host
  • In-game name: Odin Orion Mc
  • Twitter: @jowee26
  • Location:Pennsylvania
  • Bio: I fix computers and related issues.
  • Favorite Music: Metal, prog metal, folk metal, ambient metal, jazz
  • Favorite MMO style: Caster, thief/rogue, generally a solo player though
  • Personal Quote: “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”
Web Developers
Kheoss (Matthew)

  • Position: Mysterious Benefactor
  • In-game name: Kheoss
  • Twitter: @Kheoss
  • Location: New Mexico, USA
  • Bio: Hard worker with wrenches, hammers, and cogs. Plays video games, enjoys baby monkeys, and schnitzels. Best food in the world is a hamburger, never forget that.
  • Favorite Music: Rock and Country
  • Favorite MMO style: Hybrid Cleric (Melee/Caster) & Engineer/Tinkerer types
  • Personal Quote: “High people are high.”
Allie (Aura)

  • Position: Queen of the Internet (Gamers Giving Back and GW-EN Webmaster/Content Creator, Social Media Wiz, On-Air Personality)
  • In-game name: GW1: Ameliea Rae. GW2: Account name: Allie.4137, most frequently as Aura Cacia
  • Twitter: @alidacodes
  • Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
  • Bio: I exist.
  • Favorite Music: Indie/Alternative rock/Noise pop/anything loud and fuzzy.
  • Favorite MMO style: Support: any role that can mitigate damage or act as the distraction. (GW1: Interrupt Queen Mesmer. GW2: Guardian or Engie)
  • Personal Quote: “This is why we can’t have nice things… >_>”
Blue (Roy)

  • Position: Back-end Web Developer
  • In-game name: Blue P Ranger
  • Twitter:
  • Location: California, USA
  • Bio: Tech, Geek, Gamer and now studying to be RL monk of sort.
  • Favorite Music:
  • Favorite MMO style: Ranged, Monk, Prot
  • Personal Quote: “Don’t worry about it.”