10th Annual Pink Day in LA! October 21st, 2017.

It’s that time of year again to don your pink-colored clothing and armor and head to Lion’s Arch in the games of Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2! If you haven’t heard by now…where have you been?! Pink Day in LA is returning once again on October 21st at 12-6pm CST (-6 UTC). It is an online charity event hosted by Gamers Giving Back (with the help of countless volunteers) in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month and to raise funds for Cancer Research.

If you’ve never participated before, Pink Day is a day Gamers Giving Back sets aside to help raise funds for the Canadian Cancer Society in the name of fighting cancer — all donations from Pink Day in LA benefit an international research fund! And, of course, if you do donate to the cause, you have a chance to win some pretty neat swag and prizes.

Much like in previous years, this year’s Pink Day in LA will take place in Lion’s Arch in both Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 – and be sure to keep an eye both here and on our Facebook and Twitter pages for updates!