Pokemon GO: Why the Hype?

In a twist move that is a dream for every millennial that grew up watching Saturday morning cartoons, the world is once again screaming “Gotta catch ’em all!” In early July of this year Niantic and The Pokemon Company opened the floodgates to their new MMO, Pokemon Go. The lovable creatures from the Pokemon universe have invaded our world through the power of our devices. They mean no harm but do seeks trainers. From the Rattata on your work desk to the Lapras in the 10km egg you’re going to hatch after school, Pokemon can be found all over the place.

The world of Pokemon is a vast place. Sitting at home I can find normal types like Rattata and Pidgey. When I walk to the lake nearby, I can find the best water Pokemon. Magikarp or Staryu. The mobile game world is setup to correspond with where you’d find them in handheld games. If you are really lucky you may even find that Lapras in Loch Ness.

Jokes aside let’s get to the fun stuff. The game launched in Australia, United States of America, and New Zealand on July 6th 2016. The game servers were meet with a large amount of downloads and people rushing to show Ash that he needs to evolve his Pokemon to “Be the best like no one ever was.” The game during peak times would overload the servers and would take thirty minutes or more to get a few potions to recover.Pokemon GO

The game world shown above is your interaction with the Pokemon. To clarify the user interface we will begin with the blue squares. These are Pokestops. They are points of interest in the area that give you items upon interaction every few minutes. This can range from Pokeballs and eggs to potions (at level five) to great balls and super potions (level ten and twelve respectively) to aid you in capturing Pokemon and fighting gyms.

Now for a segway, that won’t cost you $2,000 USD we move to the gyms, or the white and red structure in the top right. There are three teams you can choose from when you hit level five in game. Team Valor (red), Team Mystic (blue), and Team Instinct (yellow). When a team member claims a gym it gets decorated in that player’s team color. They are then able to leave a Pokemon there to defend the gym from the other teams. If the Pokemon is defeated it goes back to the trainer at one hit point and needs to be healed up. Currently this is the only form of Pokemon battles. As of now the only thing the gyms do in game is a nice experience battle and a daily reward based on how many gyms (limit 10) you are part of.

The rest of the UI from left to right are, your character information, the Pokeball to access your items, Pokemon, Pokedex, and shop, and last but pic2pokemonnot least a radar that shows which Pokemon are in your area (silhouettes are of Pokemon that you haven’t caught yet).


So as it stands the game still has a long way to go, daily and weekly incentives on your team holding gyms, local battling and trading with friends, and over six hundred more Pokemon to add. For what we have the game is worth the download and play time. The areas people may not like is you always have to have the game active for it to work (run into Pokemon, use Pokestops, etc.) and you have to keep your GPS active. This will eat your battery very quickly. Some trainers have bought external battery packs just so they don’t lose a rare pokemon to a dead battery.

So to wrap this all up I shall give you my thoughts and a short story. Is pokemon go worth your time? As a fan of the main series from my Bulbasaur in Pokemon Blue to my soon to be Rowlett in Pokemon Moon, yes the game is very much worth your time. The game has got me out of my basement and into the sun and moonlight. I am usually within a charger or I just go out for an hour and get a good few miles in on a bike ride or walk. The game has also helped others get out and socialize more. I have read stories of people getting dates and people with social anxiety disorders getting out and about. So all in all Pokemon Go may have had a rocky release like the outside of a Geodude bustuffs still a rock solid experience…um….just like Geodude?

To leave you on a good note I’ll tell you one of my interactions with other trainers. I was walking around an outdoor mall at night. The movie theater in the mall is a gym and was under the control of the yellow team. I looked at the defenders and knew I could take it. I sat on one of the benches outside and started my attack. There were two guys chatting not to far from me as one looked over then back to his friend pointing to me. “Hey I think he is trying to take our gym.” The other guy looked and spread his arms out. “C’mon man, come and face my Electabuzz!”


His Electabuzz was the lead pokemon defending the gym making him the gym leader. I took it down with a Pidgeot and walked over to him. “Alright I’m done.” I showed him my win screen. “What all did you use?” He asked. I told him and showed my Pidgeot’s level and we had a good laugh. I claimed the gym and we parted ways after talking for ten minutes all smiles.

Get it for Apple Devices here.

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**Note that any other versions of Pokemon GO – like APK files to make it available in other countries have a risk to download spyware and malware to your phone. 

Written by – Darth Chain (Posted by Rhonda)

What a Pokemon looks like on your phone.

What a Pokemon looks like on your phone.

  • Kazarath

    Don’t play it, this game is pure cocaine. I haven’t gone a day past release without walking 10 km. I now have runners knee, sunburn and blisters on my feet. My girlfriend doesn’t pay attention to me, opting to always run ahead of me on our nature hikes to quote “FIND THE GODAMN GOLBAT”. I’ve gone malnourished during my studies over the past 4 days so I can scrounge up enough money to buy an external battery so I can keep playing the drug. THIS GAME WILL RUIN YOUR LIFE.

    In other words 10/10 so freaking worth it.