Grape Stomp 2016




Grape Stomp 2016

“Someone has to prepare the WINE for the Toga Party!”

Join the GWEN Krewe and various volunteers for the upcoming Toga Party for MS in Guild Wars 1 and 2 for the GRAPE STOMP! This random event starts at 1pm Central on March 13th and will be a battle through the various enemies in search of loot for the Toga Party for MS!

We hope to entertain the masses while we listen to the radio stream, chill on Teamspeak and enjoy eachother’s company while we play the games we love! People also have the option to contribute “Grapes” aka prizes/loot towards our pool for our charity event in April! So come join the fun – we have no idea when it will end that day…so show up at any time to see what is going on!

Speak to any on-air host that day to find out where our location is and the teamspeak information! More details will be posted later via our Facebook Page and’s in-game event forum section!

#endms #toga16

See you in game! 🙂