The Geek Banter Podcast: Episode 10

Welcome to the Geek Banter podcast! On this episode, a lot of stuff that a lot of people have said, most notably Cliffy B, EA, Epic, and more! This one is a little late but we hope you enjoy in nonetheless!

DISCLAIMER: This podcast contains a few words that may be considered inappropriate for young listeners. Discretion is advised. All opinions expressed throughout belong to the individuals participating.

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The Lazy Geek

Link Collection

Cliffy B on the deck!
EA’s money man spills the beans on its next-gen plans
BBC Attacks the Open Web, GNU/Linux in Danger
Epic on the industry’s giant leap to next-gen
Kid Icarus creator: Stories in video games are ‘honestly irksome to me’
Second Photo of Rumored PS4 Controller Emerges
Long Shutdown 1: Exciting times ahead
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex MMOFPS releasing 2014
Nintendo Dates Animal Crossing: New Leaf