Canthan New Year 2013

It’s that time of year again to bust out the red bean cakes and rice wine! Join GW-EN as Cantha celebrates a new year in the original Guild Wars. We’ll be partying in Traditional Chinese districts and, as always, we’ll be running the Lunar Collectors! What’s a Lunar Collector? Every hour (except for the hours that the feast will be going on) someone from GW-EN will ask for a specific item that players can trade in for treats and goodies! Keep in mind that there will be a set limit to how much of an item you can trade in, so be sure to pay attention. We will also be providing the cooking materials required by the chefs to create their famous dishes to please the celestial animal!

So stop by on February 6th and hang out with the GW-EN krewe and enjoy the festivities!

To learn more about the Canthan New Year, read up on it on the wiki!

- Written by The Lazy Geek

  • Nessa Alcare

    Oh man I remember last years. I think it was the time I started listening to GWEN too. Scary thing is I still have birthday cupcakes sitting in storage that you guys gave me as one of the prizes. O.o

  • M A L I B U Barbie

    This has always been my favorite event! Although it is not on a weekend, I am going to try my best to be there for most of the event!

    • Nessa Alcare

      Although I wasn’t always able to attend it was definitely my favourite event. I was always bummed out that I missed the event when it was Year of the Rat (my chinese zodiac), so when I saw the Imperial Mini Token thing I was finally able to fulfil my wish of having the celestial rat (took a couple hours in finishing the Shing Jea festival quests).

      Even though it’s not the weekend, I’m not terribly busy at all (since still can’t really go for work or studies quite yet (although my leg is much better than it was and i’m up and about now properly, just not got the endurance), at least certainly not full time i think) and have mucho free time on my hands, so I’m certainly going to at least try and be there for Feb 6.