The Geek Banter podcast: Episode 7

Welcome to the Geek Banter podcast! On this episode, we look at the GDC’s nominees, the OUYA’s feedback from devs, Star Wars VII, and THQ’s properties being sold off. Also, we get easily side-tracked by a website that fuses pokemon together.

DISCLAIMER: This podcast contains a few words that may be considered inappropriate for young listeners. Discretion is advised. All opinions expressed throughout belong to the individuals participating.

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The Lazy Geek

Link Collection

Pokemon Fusions
13th Annual Game Developers Choice Awards
OUYA – It’s all about control
THQ Is Getting Sold Off Today—Here’s Everything We Know
J.J. Abrams To Direct ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’
Computer files stored accurately on DNA in new breakthrough
Guild Wars 2 Game updates/2013-01-28