The Geek Banter podcast: Episode 2

Welcome to the Geek Banter podcast! On this episode, we look at the indie game, ‘To The Moon’, the Humble THQ Bundle, and Intel’s plans for desktop PCs. Also we touch briefly on ArenaNet’s possible plans for Wintersday and the end of City of Heroes.

DISCLAIMER: This podcast contains a few words that may be considered inappropriate for young listeners. Discretion is advised. All opinions expressed throughout belong to the individuals participating.

This episode’s hosts




The Lazy Geek

Link Collection

Freebird Games – To The Moon
The End of City of Heroes
Humble ‘THQ’ Bundle
Double Fine Amnesia Fortnight
Intel kills off the desktop, PCs go with it
Guild Wars 2 Wintersday
Reddit – I’m the Studio Design Director on Guild Wars 2, AMA
#reasonwhy Women Are Speaking Out On Their Involvement In The Gaming Industry
How ‘To The Moon’ ends