The Geek Banter podcast: Episode 1

Welcome to the Geek Banter podcast! On this episode, we look at the Lost Shores update for Guild Wars 2, Capcom’s plans for Mega Man, Valve’s recent projects, and with small tangents here and there about other topics such as Kung Fu and The Elder Scrolls Online.

DISCLAIMER: This podcast contains a few words that may be considered inappropriate for young listeners. Discretion is advised. All opinions expressed throughout belong to the individuals participating.

This episode’s hosts




The Lazy Geek

Link Collection

Guild Wars 2 – The Lost Shores
An Introduction to The Elder Scrolls Online
Capcom Assures Blue Bomber Fans That More Mega Man is Coming
Mega Man X7 Gameplay
Valve’s The International 2012 documentary
Gabe Newell confirms work on Source 2
Gabe Newell to be welcomed into AIAS hall of fame
Kung Fu Superstar kickstarter
Toy Story 3 writer for Star Wars VII
Monty Omm’s work with Rooster Teetch & Red vs. Blue

  • Holly Matthews

    Another great episode … thanks for the commentary on Lost Shores … I never got to do any of it cause of the download time for the content … so by the time it got downloaded (thanks ANET for waiting till the last minute) it was too late to join with anyone to do the event cause the event was over … thanks ANET …

    • Kooki_Q

      Aw that sucks Holly! As we said in the podcast, a lot of the events were buggy anyway. Hopefully the winter event will be better…