The Geek Banter podcast: Episode 0

Welcome to the first ever Geek Banter podcast! We invite you to listen in as four of the GW-EN krewe discuss games, movies, and other such topics of geekery every other Sunday night with the recording released the Monday following. This week’s podcast looks at Assassin’s Creed 3, Disney buying Lucas Film, and the upcoming Guild Wars 2 update ‘The Lost Shores’. And in between it all, you may find that we go off on a wild tangent about something completely unrelated.

DISCLAIMER: This podcast contains a few words that may be considered inappropriate for young listeners. Discretion is advised. All opinions expressed throughout belong to the individuals participating.

This episode’s hosts




The Lazy Geek

Link Collection

Storm Trooper Mr. Potato Head
Assassins Creed 3 Day 1 path notes
Trahearne VA Shackleton documentary
Greatest speech ever from Mega Man X4
Disney purchase Lucas Film
Guild Wars 2 – The Lost Shores teaser
The Lost Shores notices & whales

  • Lacie

    Space whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaales, spock was the original Whale Whisperer. Justsayin

  • Rhonda Head

    I love banter – great job guys <3

  • Holly Matthews

    Banter me this banter me that . . . cake pie . . . oh my oh my . . . repetitious n fixes for glitches n banter me this banter me that . . . I’ll be waiting for the next issue :D (a lone humpback whale survived and was released … swims beneath the ship farthest out … Spock has been notified)