Pink Day in LA Prize Winners

Pink Day this year was a little different, what with trying to cover in-game events beyond just in Guild Wars and the release of Guild Wars 2 still taking away everyone’s time. However, despite the bumps and other going-ons, Pink Day in LA came and went. As always, we were happy to give the opportunity to those who donated to the Canadian Cancer Society a chance to win some really neat items. We would like to announce all the winners with their prizes as well as give a hearty congratulations and thank you to all who participated and donated!

IGN Prize
Mirths Wolverine Comics
Sir Emanuele Oswald Ears
Guardian Erik Oswald Ears
Snebzor End of Nations T-Shirt
Don Lestal Fatality Autographed Pic
Arcange de Lumiere Charr Plush
Bob Charr Plush
Andrew Moore Defiance Plush
Sascha Knippig Defiance Plush
Estellise Gw 2 Grey T-Shirt
Taiss Ash Gw 2 Grey T-Shirt
Talon Blackfeathers Logray Ewok Action Figure
Yugs GW 2 Grey T-Shirt
Idho Ydalis Charr Plush
Sonja Bronzeclaw GW 2 Grey T-Shirt
Leven Carby GW 2 Grey T-Shirt
Lyria Bosszor Amazing Spiderman comic
Vamp Lord Alexio Gw 2 Rytlock T-Shirt
Crazijojo Gw 2 Rytlock T-Shirt
Sherloco Gw 2 Rytlock T-Shirt
Liusaidh Gw 2 Rytlock T-Shirt
Grimm Ironeye Logitech Mouse
Kui Shanya Gw 2 Artbook
Stacy Warface Hat
Sekura Minnie Mouse Drawing
Jheryn Arku Gw 2 Artbook
Dangerous War Gw 2 Artbook
Lilithiel Sythinine Gw 2 Artbook
Rocket dog Batman Comics
Toga McGurga Pink Day Pjs
Elita One Autobot Pink Day T-shirt
Tahlron Denis Rodman Photo
Vogon Warper Pink Day Ribbon Necklace
Michael Dore Firefall T-Shirt
Ashlynn Bles Freddy Krueger Pic
Smith Eric GGB T-Shirt
Jennbear Titanic Staircase
Mz Queen Krissy Evidence Marker from Blair Witch
Natanya Firefall Hoodie
Snowe Bunny Firefall Hoodie
Bruder Tapps Firefall T-Shirt
Jlyn Razer Water Bottle and Hat
Song of Saurials Red Roots Cd Pack
Etna Flaminfur Michael Buffer Picture
Melvin Tooker Scarface Photo
Areala Angel of War Assassins Creed 3 Poster
Beauty In Blood League of Legends T-Shirt
Sharmander Door Frame Piece Blair Witch
Genueve Rima Fatality Autographed Picture
Sarah Yung Dorothy Lamour Gloves
Nessa Alcare Rift T-Shirt

Winners will be contacted by Rhonda (via the email address) to confirm the winner’s address and name. This email will be sent to the same address used to send in the number. Again, congratulations to all winners and a big “Thank you!” to all who participated in Pink Day in LA 2012!

  • Exempt

    Woot! Congratulations to all the winners, and thank you all for donating! :D

  • Nessa Alcare

    Congrats everyone. It was definitely a fun time and just glad I got my pay when I did otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to make donation.

  • wouw

    weird got contated I won a defiance plush, but I am not in the list, wel yeah, Something went wrong I geus

    • Kooki_Q

      Hello Wouw, chances are your name was just mistakenly left off of the list but I am not sure. I will let Rhonda know and one of us will get back to you. Thanks!

    • Rhonda Head

      Wouw , you won a prize from the Pink Day Race! I have your address and we will be shipping the prizes out as soon as we finalize all of the winners and yes it was a Defiant Plush! Congrats again and don’t worry :)