Stay awhile and listen!

Welcome to the new Gaming World Entertainment website! What does this mean? Why have things changed?! Luckily the answers are fairly simple. We wanted to make things easier and clearer for you, our readers and community to understand. The most important change for you to make note of is our decision to integrate social media. Some of you may be wondering were our forum is and I have good news and bad news for you! The bad news is it’s gone, it’s over, it has died of dysentery. The good news is you don’t need the forums any more. You can now log in to comment using your Twitter or Facebook accounts and if you have shunned all social media you can also just register with the site to comment independently. Our hope is this will make things much more accessible and we encourage all of you to jump in and voice your opinions, share ideas…you know how it goes!

We have introduced a new web player (which you can find at the very top of this page) so you can easily tune in to the GW-EN radio stream and you can still use your own media players by clicking on “Listen with your own player!”. The on-air schedule can be easily located by clicking on the link in the navigation bar next to the GW-EN logo and can be adjusted to six different time zones. The staff page is now much more detailed so we hope you enjoy that. Everything else is even more self explanatory so we don’t need to outline it all.

Another important thing to point out is Gamers Giving Back is now going to be a stand alone website! It’s very exciting for us and we invite all of you to click on the link (on the right hand side of this page) and check it out. In fact we are feeling generous so you can also click this link

You will still find the latest information about upcoming events and news on this page. Keep an eye out for contests that will also be posted on this page (everyone likes winning things right?) and get involved! If you have any questions about any of these changes feel free to click “Leave a reply” and ask us.

7 thoughts on “Stay awhile and listen!

  1. Well……..Nice sparkle on the new site! Great job everyone! Just remember you are always have the greatest weapon you will ever need. You just can’t see it. Because it is between your ears :)

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