Community Spotlight: GW2 Versus

Here is a new one for you! Most of you probably haven’t heard of GW2 Versus and that is because they are fairly new. They are dedicated to providing a central place for all things PvP in Guild Wars 2. Working as a forum and using sub sections for every server to highlight World vs World discussion. Amongst other sections for professions, Tournament Play, Guild Recruitment and the usual “Off Topic” things! We asked them to give us some details and this is what they said:

“Our site is a dedicated Guild Wars 2 forum with emphasis on PvP and World vs World. We want our forums to become “the” GW2 forum for PvP players. World vs World is going to be huge part of the game and server communication is going to play a major role in what servers dominate WvsW. We want to give players a centralized locations where they can meet with other players from their server,plan attacks and strategies.”

So if you are the kind of player that isn’t happy until you are screaming things like “GET THE PRESENT, NEW PRESENT HAS SPAWNED, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!? GET THE ELE” into Ventrillo *cough* Malibu Barbie *cough*…this is definitely a forum you’ll want to check out!

  • Kevin Diamond

    looking for March 4 2013 bounty… where what who when why etc