Community Spotlight: GuildWars2Live

We (Gaming World Entertainment Network) do support other community websites and would like to feature each of them every so often. First victi– er first up (in case you hadn’t already guessed) is GuildWars2Live! A live streaming site hosted by fans of Guild Wars 2 and ArenaNet. Live streaming simply means you can watch the in-game action directly on their website and interact with streamers or other viewers by using their chat client.

In the run up to the release of Guild Wars 2 they have been streaming every single minute of the beta weekend events (non-stop 60 hours of GW2 goodness!). In the past they have streamed live coverage from conventions including PAX East, Gamescom and PAX Prime. Future plans are likely to develop further at a later date but for now they will streaming Guild Wars 2 on release as well!

It’s not just about Gulid Wars 2 as many of the streamers unsurprisingly, play other games. We have seen people play other MMO’s, FPS’s, Strategy, Platformers …basically every genre of game you can imagine. Not forgetting the odd times when they don’t play any games and happily draw strange things in MS Paint. That has really happened.

On a more serious note, GuildWars2live also posts about the latest news (mostly Guild Wars 2 related), share and promote fan made videos, host a podcast and support community events. For example if GW-EN is hosting an in-game event you can usually find GuildWars2Live there helping out and streaming it all on their website. Speaking of which…

  • Tom Deaver

    I want to see you wear that pink dress :) Thanks for the heads up on your show Tine

  • Elimination

    Im presently in LA watching you dance 😛