Community Spotlight: Crossing Tyria

Crossing Tyria is a community website focused on sharing information about Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2. Primarily they function as a forum and have been doing this since April 21st 2005! Their aim is to provide the information in the quickest way possible because they strongly believe “You’d rather be spending your time playing Guild Wars than reading about it.”.

On their front page you will find their blog with the latest gaming news, navigation to the forum and even a section for fan fiction.  The forum covers all of the topics you’d expect, PvE, PvP, Builds, Races, Professions, Trading, Community Events, General Chat…you get the idea!

The Crossing Tyria team are very open and can often be found helping players earn their tittles, finish troublesome missions and everything else you can do in game that you might need help with! They also host and support in-game community events. You can check them out here: